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Ceramic tile drill bits for use on glass, tile, ceramic, ceramic tile, porcelain, porcelain tile & stone.
Extensive selection of diamond tools with "how to use" instruction for either novice or expert









Diamond Drill Bit and Tool sells ceramic tile drill bits - but they can be used on glass, stone and tile, limestone, sandstone, slate, marble, granite.

In addition to the ceramic drill bits, we carry other diamond tools for primarily sandstone, marble, limestone, granite, stone and more.  All diamond drill bits are manufactured in two different types - electroplated and sintered.  Electrolplated have diamonds bonded to the tip of the steel bit while the sintered type has them embeded into the steel tip during the fabrication and molding process.  There are also two styles of drill bits - core style and blunt nose solid tip bits.  The blunt nose type clears out the complete hole, while the core type works like a hole saw and cuts only a circle to creat the hole and leaving a "plug".  The diamond core drill bit s is often called a hole saw since is saws a circle to create the hole.  The blunt nose type is more suited for glass and curved surfaces (since it is easier to start), while the core type works on stone in addition to glass.  Other diamond tools include glass grinders, stone grinders, diamond files, diamond grinder heads and accessories, in addition to other items.


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